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Roads, Sidewalks and Snow Removal


Vehicles can only be left up to a maximum of 72 hours on a highway (street), including the highway (street) in front of your house.

  • Vehicles left longer than 72 hours can be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Parking within 5 meters of a stop sign, a yield sign, a fire hydrant or a marked crosswalk is illegal.
  • Parking the right-hand side of your vehicle more than 500 mm. from the curb is illegal. This includes parking the opposite direction of traffic on a two-way street or perpendicular to the curb in a cul-de-sac.
  • Parking and driving on parkland, walking trails and green spaces owned by the Town is illegal.
  • All property owners and tenants are responsible for clearing the snow off the sidewalks adjacent to their properties within 48 hours of the completion of a snowfall. Failure to remove snow off of a sidewalk can results in fines and penalties.

For complete details on roads, please visit the Traffic, Streets and Public Places Bylaw.

Off Highway Vehicles

The below are outlined in the Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw. and the Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw Amendment.

  • OHVs must be properly registered and insured to operate in Town.
  • No person shall operate an OHV in Town except for the purpose of proceeding from a residence or a business dealing in OHV's to a permitted area and back to the same residence or business by the most direct and safe route possible.
  • A person may operate an OHV in Town for the purpose of clearing snow and ice from a Town sidewalk as long as the OHV is operated safely and with regard for the safety of pedestrians.
  • The speed of operation of any OHV in Town is limited to 20 kph.
  • OHVs are not to be operated on any Town parkland, the golf course, or the Highway 14 and 41 ditches.
  • OHVs are not to be operated in Town between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.
  • Drivers and riders of OHVs are required to wear appropriate helmets.
  • Peace Officers are authorized to impound OHVs being operated in a dangerous manner or by repeat offenders.

Clearing of Sidewalks

All persons owning or occupying property in Town shall remove and clear away all snow, ice, dirt and other obstructions from the Town sidewalk situated on land adjoining the property within 48 hours after the completion of the event where such snow, ice or other obstruction was deposited thereon.

Protection of Sidewalks from Overhead Accumulation

No owner or occupant of a building located in close proximity to a Town sidewalk shall allow snow, ice, dirt or other substance to accumulate on the roof of or any projection from said building to the extent that the accumulated substance may fall onto the adjacent sidewalk.  Where an accumulation hazard exists, the owner or occupant of the subject building shall take immediate action to remove the accumulated substance with due care and attention to the safety of pedestrians

Sidewalk Hazard

No person shall place, leave or suspend a cable, rope or other object on, across or above any part of a Town sidewalk except for an electrical cord designed for outdoor use and only it it is left in a manner that does not cause a hazard to legitimate users of the sidewalk

Protection of Sidewalks from Damage

No person shall operate a heavy vehicle on or across any sidewalk except at a curb or approved crossing without first planking the sidewalk to ensure that the sidewalk will not be damaged

No person shall cause any damage to any Town sidewalk by striking, picking or cutting, whether or not such person is engaged in removing snow or ice from the sidewalk

For further details, please visit the Traffic, Streets and Public Places Bylaw.

For information on the priorities and system of inspection for the maintenance of sidewalks, curbs and gutters within the Town of Wainwright, please visit the Sidewalk, Curb And Gutter Management Policy.

Snow Removal

As stated in the Snow and Ice Management Policy, the Town of Wainwright will conduct clearing of public roadways, sanding and snow removal on a priority basis to allow for prompt response by emergency services, access to hospital facilities, and reasonable vehicle access to the primary roadways, businesses, industries, schools, residences and recreational facilities.

Priority #1, Primary arterial (yellow on the map), are the major through roads that allow for travel across the entire town.

Priority #2, Access to Emergency Facilities & Schools, (green on the map), provides access to emergency facilities such as the Fire Hall, RCMP Detachment Building, Hospital, Airport runway, as well as roadways adjacent to the schools.

Priority #3, Primary Collector (blue on the map), provides access to the commercial, industrial and residential areas.

Priority #4, Primary Local (pink on the map), connects the residential or commercial properties to the road.

As shown on the Residential Snow Removal map, the town has been split into 4 zones for snow removal. These zones will be cleared on a rotating basis to provide for an equitable service to all residents.

The completion time for the entire town should be 10 to 14 days, depending upon snow accumulation, temperature, and unforeseen equipment breakdowns.

Please click on maps below to view pdf versions.

Snow and Ice Removal Map

Snow and Ice Removal Map

Residential Snow Removal Map

Residential Snow Removal Map


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