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Healthcare Services

905A – 3 Avenue
Phone: 780-842-7522

Evolve Chiropractic
1118 -10 Street
Phone: 780-806-1838

Wainwright Spine Clinic
1005 - 2 Avenue
Phone: 780-842-6040

Brilz Associates Clinic
201 - 9 Street
Phone: 780-842-5829

    • Dr. B.V. Brilz
    • Dr. Joseph Sharkawy

Turner Family Medicine Clinic
221 - 10 Street
Phone: 587-607-4040

    • Dr. Ian Turner
    • Dr. Sarah Turner

Wainwright Medical Clinic
501 - 10 Street
Phone: 780-842-3341

    • Dr. Anderson
    • Dr. Burger
    • Dr. du Plessis
    • Dr. Muller
    • Dr. Thomas Peeters

Dr. Cheyanne Vetter
Phone: 780-842-6676

    • Maternity and minor surgical procedures

Dr. Werner de Vos Family Medicine
Phone: 780-842-7090

Dr. Larry Reich Professional Corp.
610 - 10 Street
Phone: 780-842-4242

Wainwright Dental Care
103 - 10 Street
Phone: 780-842-6944

Wainwright Family Dental
714 - 10 Street
Phone: 780-842-6838

Wildrose Denture Clinic
2001 - 14 Avenue
Phone: 780-806-2245

The Doctor Recruitment Committee has been working to attract physicians to Wainwright since 1997. Some of our current initiatives include:

  • A recruitment incentive package financially sponsored by the Community Health Foundation, M.D. of Wainwright No. 61 and Town of Wainwright is offered to prospective physicians by the committee during their recruitment efforts.
  • Advertising Wainwright physician opportunities on the Alberta Health Services website
  • Continued communication with both Alberta Health Services and Medical Affairs to ensure they are aware of the physician recruitment efforts and issues in Wainwright

Our committee currently consists of the below members who are all committed to physician recruitment and retention:

  • Bill Lawson, Wainwright & District Health Foundation (Chair)
  • Bruce Pugh, Mayor, Town of Wainwright
  • Bob Barss, Reeve, M.D. of Wainwright
  • Carley Herbert, Economic Development Officer, Town of Wainwright
  • Elen Moyo, Area Manager, Wainwright Health Centre
  • Carmen King, Executive Director, Primary Care Network
  • Dr. Cheyanne Vetter

For more information on the committee and their initiatives, we invite you to contact:

Carley Herbert
Phone: 780-842-3381

Seona Private Foot Care Service
#2, 2610-11 Avenue
Phone: 306-830-9775

Wainwright and District Handivan Society

Phone: 587-281-9347

  • Wheelchair compatible van
  • For users that would be medically at risk driving on their own
  • If you wish to donate, please contact Bernie Buzik at 780-842-2459

Focus Transportation Society

Phone: 780-853-4121

  • Fee-for-service to private residents who are needing transportation to and from a medical appointment in Vermilion and area, as well as to larger city centers

Wainwright Health Care Complex (Hospital)
530 - 6 Avenue
Phone: 780-842-3324

Services provided include: acute care, medical/surgical, OR, ER, obstetrics, cardiac wellness clinic, primary stroke centre.

  • 22 Acute Care Med/Surg Beds
  • 1 Palliative Care Bed
  • 2 Obstetrical Beds
  • 5 Day Surgery Beds
  • 68 Long Term Care Beds
  • 1 Respite Bed
  • 11 Physicians

Wainwright Health Centre

Please visit our Business Directory for a list of mental health businesses.

For additional mental health services please visit our Social Services page.

Prairie Vision Centre
2802 - 15 Avenue, #2
Phone: 780-842-6123

Eyes in Town
617 - 10 Street
Phone: 780-842-4224

Primary Care Network 
905B - 3 Avenue
Phone: 780-842-6676

PCN Facebook page

The Wainwright PCN provides programs to meet the needs of the community and to enhance access to primary care. Programs operating at the PCN currently include geriatric assessment, referral coordination, prenatal care and chronic disease management. We employ registered nurses, referral coordinators, a dietitian, an exercise specialist and a respiratory therapist. The PCN also operates an evening ambulatory care clinic, which is staffed with physicians from our local military base.

Wainwright Provincial Building
810 - 14 Avenue
Phone: 780-842-4077 or 888-608-1516

  • Community health services including the office of the Health Inspector

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