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Subdivision Process

Subdivision Requirement

Approval from the Town Subdivision Authority is required in order to:

  • split an existing parcel into two or more parts;
  • register an interest such as a lease or sales agreement for a portion of an existing parcel, or
  • separate the titles of two or more lots that are currently registered on one title if the lots were created on a plan of subdivision that was registered prior to July 1, 1950.

Application Process

Application for subdivision approval is to be made to the Town's Subdivision Authority at the Town The application must include:

  1. A completed Subdivision Application (available online and at the Town Office). The form must be signed by the registered owner(s) or an authorized If an agent is involved, a letter of authorization signed by the owner(s) must also be submitted.
  2. A copy of the current land title for the land that is subject of the application.
  3. A proposed plan of subdivision.  At the discretion of the Subdivision Authority, the proposed plan of subdivision may be required to:
      1. show the location, dimensions and boundaries of the land to be subdivided,
      2. clearly outline the land that the applicant wishes to register in a land titles office,
      3. show the location, dimensions and boundaries of
        1. each new lot to be created, and any reserve land, and
        2. existing rights of way of each public utility, or other rights of way,
      4. show the location, use and dimensions of buildings on the land that is the subject of the application and specify those buildings that are proposed to be demolished or moved,
      5. show the approximate location and boundaries of the bed and shore of any river, stream, watercourse, lake or other body of water that is contained within or bounds the proposed parcel of land,
      6. describe the use or uses proposed for the land that is the subject of the application,
      7. if the proposed lots are to be served by individual wells and private sewage disposal systems, show the location of any existing or proposed wells, the location and type of any private sewage disposal systems and the distance from these to existing or proposed buildings and property lines, and
      8. show the existing and proposed access to the proposed parcels and the remainder of the titled
  4. The required fee of $250.00 + $300.00 Endorsement Fee.
  5. The official date of receipt of the application does not occur until all of the above items are submitted.

View our full Subdivision Process document here.

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