Thinking Of Places To Visit In Alberta?

Wainwright, Canada is a unique town in Alberta that has a strong, vibrant & friendly community spirit.  Wainwright is located in East Central Alberta at the intersection of Buffalo Trail-Highway 41 and Poundmaker Trail-Highway 14, near the beautiful Battle River Valley.

We have a rich history that is highlighted and preserved throughout the area that focuses on our community’s past, present and future. When you’re thinking of places to see in Alberta Canada, Wainwright’s historical landmarks, vibrant community and natural beauty appeals to many visitors and keeps people coming back for more.

Wainwright’s population is a healthy 6289 (plus 500 at CFB Wainwright) and growing. Because we are a major service center for the region, we supply Alberta with business opportunities that provide a stable economy and steady growth for the area.

Our community is strong and diverse, reflecting what we truly have to offer. So why not come in and see why we’re Always Moving Ahead!!!